29 de agosto de 2011

Volta Willy Brandt, estás perdoado!

O executivo de José Luís Zapatero aprovou a suspensão, até 2013, do limite máximo de 2 anos para os contratos a prazo, justificando-se com a necessidade de promoção do emprego. Sindicatos alegam que se trata de uma "aposta no emprego precário, de má qualidade e com menos direitos".

"Human rights include economic and social rights; the right to form trade unions and to strike; the right to social security and welfare for all, including the protection of mothers and children; the right to education, training and leisure; the right to decent housing in a liveable environment, and the right to economic security. Crucially, there is the right to both full and useful employment in an adequately rewarded job. Unemployment undermines human dignity, threatens social stability and wastes the world's most valuable resource.

Economic rights must not be considered as benefits paid to passive individuals lacking in initiative, but as a necessary base from which to secure the active participation of all citizens in a project for society. This is not a matter of subsidising those on the fringe of society, but of creating the conditions for an integrated society with social welfare for all people."

Socialist International - DECLARATION of PRINCIPLES

Adopted by the XVIII Congress, Stockholm, June 1989

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