3 de junho de 2010

Nazim Hikmet Ran - 1901 - 1963

Faz hoje 47 anos que faleceu o comunista Turco Nazim Hikmet Ran, distinguiu-se pelos seus enormes talentos como dramaturgo e poeta. No seu país natal foi perseguido e preso, tendo-lhe inclusive sido retirada a nacionalidade turca. Na União Soviética foi admirado e distinguido pela sua capacidade intelectual e artística, o que lhe valeu a naturalidade soviética, por interferência directa de Nikita Krushchev.

"Before anything else, I want to recall his greatness as a human being and his abundant energy. I met him in the course of his illness and was surprised by his willpower to live and struggle. But what really affected me was his melancholic and ironic alertness. This man, who was rescued from torture and death, did not rest, like others would do. Nothing was finished for him. While struggling with the outside enemy, he was carrying on a fraternal war against the errors of insider friends. Even when he, along with everyone, was fighting for peace, and against imperialism and fascism, he was warning his friends about the dangers of bureaucracy. He neither underwent militant discipline nor an authorial, critical attitude. He lived this contradiction to the very end. In the last years of his life, this continuous tension consumed up all the strength that was left to him from his prison term. But essentially by this characteristic does he remain an example to us today.
"He, the faithful friend, brave militant, merciless enemy of the enemies of the human, wanted to serve everywhere but he did not want to undermine anything. [...]
"The works of a man who was on ceaseless duty, continue to do the same after his death." (From "Respect for Nâzım Hikmet.")
- Jean Paul Sartre

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